A long journey on foot into the unknown. A slim chance for hope. Will one naïve and untrained hero discover the far-flung key to survival?

Days of Khyndryen is the first book in the sweeping Shards of Aegis epic fantasy series. If you like imaginative adventures, heartbreaking crossroads, and unlikely heroes, then you’ll love A.J. Gibson’s thrilling quest.

Left behind by her father. Trapped in the elven homeland. Will she be the cause of her people’s destruction?

Days of Ulviye is the second book in the enthralling Shards of Aegis epic fantasy series. If you like conflicted characters, gripping action, and heartbreaking descents into destiny, then you’ll love A.J. Gibson’s coming-of-age saga.

She already died once to liberate her people. Can she survive hell to save the world?

Days of Sitara is the third book in the suspenseful Shards of Aegis epic fantasy series. If you like shocking twists and turns, devastating magic, and fates hanging in the balance, then you’ll love A.J. Gibson’s heart-pounding page-turner.

Alone in a strange world, Sitara begins her adventures to find the lost Shards of Aegis to stop their destruction. Aegis once protected all life, but the Great Protector is gone, the tranquility has ended, and the Shard Seeker must find them before more innocents die.

Will the Dark Elf find her soul? Can she find the shards in time?

Astoria was a peaceful kingdom until the day Aegis shattered and their world was destroyed.

Get ready for an epic adventure in Astoria: City of Moonlight, a thrilling new book that will take you on a journey through a world filled with magic, danger, and love. Don't miss out on this action-packed tale of love, survival, and triumph over evil.

The world is darkening. The dragon is hunting. Captain Steele has always loved Erencia, his homeland, and defended it from demons for many years. But now a greater threat has emerged. His garrisons have been decimated, and he fears Erencia is next. With his warriors lost, he races home to defend his loved ones from annihilation.

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In the shadows of deception and whispers of darkness, Sil Liam, an ex-cop, is thrust into a relentless pursuit of justice amidst unimaginable personal turmoil. His world unravels as his daughter battles for life, exposing a sinister underbelly in a big city. Sil's fractured soul grapples with mysteries where every step reveals treachery.

Tormented by a daughter's illness and family secrets, Sil confronts his estranged father's legacy. In the sterile hum of a hospital room, amidst the brittle optimism of allies, Sil's emotions surge—an intricate dance with despair and hope. A chilling case unfolds from the dim orange glow of an FBI interrogation room, where Sil allies with Special Agent Victoria Rivers. The stark contrast becomes a crucible of redemption, blurring the line between justice and vengeance.

Sil's journey delves into the darkest corners of the human soul, a battle against time and his own haunted past. As his personal and professional worlds collide, the walls between hunter and hunted blur. In the heart-pounding mystery, Sil Liam navigates the labyrinth of deception, confronting his own demons to emerge from the darkness—an odyssey of justice, redemption, and the triumph of the human spirit. Will Sil save his family, solve the case, and emerge with his soul intact, or be consumed by the enigma within?