Calling all adventure seekers and mystery solvers!

Exciting news from your Aegis-loving author! While I'm still neck-deep in the fantastical realm, I'm taking a short detour to deliver two new treats:

1. Astoria Takes Flight: Brace yourselves for the audio adventures of "Astoria: City of Moonlight," my debut audiobook! Production has wrapped, and a Kickstarter campaign is launching soon to bring the magic of Ulviye to your ears. Dive into the whispers and wonders – and help fund the first book in the Shards of Aegis series! Special thanks to my voice actress, Emma Faye, for bringing your favorite characters to life!

2. Within the Darkness: The Mystery of Sil: Step outside Ulviye and into the modern world... but not too far. Imagine a place where fairytale heroes exist as legends, their descendants burdened by very real problems. Within the Darkness delivers a gripping mystery with whispers of the fantastical past. The manuscript is done and hitting bookshelves within the couple of months!

Fan Appreciation Spotlight: A heartfelt thanks to you, my amazing readers! Your curiosity fuels my imagination, and I want to reward your loyalty. Want to be among the first to devour "Within the Darkness?" Email me at to join my advance review team!

Calling for Champions: Astoria needs your help! Join the Kickstarter campaign to unlock the audio magic of Ulviye and witness the birth of a thrilling new fantasy saga. I'm setting this up now, so stay tuned. If you'd like to ensure you'll be the first to know when both the Kickstarter and the Audio Book are available, email me at! I'd love to hear from you, and I reply to all my fans! If email isn't for you, you can always sign up to receive my latest news and offers below.

Get ready for adventure and intrigue, stay tuned for the Kickstarter launch, and keep reading, friends! (My books and others, of course ;))

P.S. For those wondering, Astoria and Within the Darkness are both perfect for young adult readers who love a good dose of fantasy and mystery. Come on, let's get lost in stories together!